​​The Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) providercourse certification is for healthcare providers with experience and advanced training in the medical field of both pre-hospital and in-hospital care ​(e.g., Paramedics, ICU/PCU/ER Nurses, Respiratory Technicians, Physicians, etc...). This course involves individual and team dynamics for recognizing, managing, and treating patients who are experiencing cardiac, respiratory, and medical emergencies that can lead to sudden arrest. The student will learn the algorithms to treat patients in cardiac and respiratory arrest along with related pharmacology for pre and post-arrest care. This course covers a vast amount of information in a short amount of time. Each student will be expected to perform high-quality BLS as it is a prerequisite to take ACLS. Students are expected to have a prior knowledge of interpreting EKG rhythms and related pharmacology to complete the course.​You must provide a current AHA BLS Provider card in order to take this course. For students that have taken the Heart-Code ACLS course online through the American Heart website, please specify you are signing up for the skills session only.

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