The Basic Life Support (BLS)​ provider course certification is for healthcare providers at the first responder level and above (e.g., Nurses, Firefighter/EMT/Paramedics, Dental Hygienist, Respiratory Technicians, Physicians, Residents, students within the medical field, etc...). This course is the minimal job required certification by most healthcare employers. This course teaches individual and team dynamics to ensure basic life support in the episode of sudden cardiac arrest and respiratory arrest in all age groups. It is helpful but not required for students to have some prior knowledge of healthcare experience in the emergency setting. For students that have taken the Heart-Code BLS course online through the American Heart website, please specify you are signing up for the skills session only.  ​(UPDATE: As of June 28th, 2016, American Heart Association no longer offers a BLS Renewal course. The BLS Provider course is the correct course to sign up for whether you have a current card or it is your first-time taking the course).

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